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 Actualizacion 04/12/09:

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Location Searching Update:

* NPC "Sillon" which is in the Dark Sanctum can be searched.
* Shamba Conjurer's location information will be added.
* All Agents' location information will be displayed when search with keyword 'agent'
* Mother Basilisk's location information will be fixed.

Quest Update:

* Reward of "Emperor Gramm" quest will be increased.
* Scroll Quest / Red Stone Gorge's Emperor and Parness / Agony of an Innkeeper(2)
o 20 Supernus Basic Xeon will be provided as a reward.
o Reward Lant and EXP will be doubled.
* Drop rate of quest Items for "Forest Goblin Hunter" quests will be increased.

Misc Update:

* Minigame NPCs will be placed following locations.
o In front of Plancy Lab Entrance in North Hammerine Wood
o Alban Village Pub in Numaren

Bug Fixes:

* Players can lock another targets by pressing Tab key when target attacking dies or runs away.
* Navi mesh of Doomed Orchard fixed
* Cost of Reinforcement, Enchant, Combine, Reduction display comma every 3 places.
* Delete the input window for the number of persons in Battle Field Request Popup.
* Battle Request Window through NPC and Menu Button will be synchronized.


* Thanksgiving Coin event continues.

Item of the Week :


* +50%EXP [1 Hour] 50pts.
* Rare Self AED 75pts. -> 50pts.


* Bank Common Account Expansion [30 days] 200pts. -> 150pts.
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